Chinese medicine, being an energetic based medical system and healing art, addresses
both the quantity and quality of a person’s energy. It makes a distinction between real
energy and what is known as “false chi,” fake energy.

Just like the old saying, fake it till you make it, the human body behaves similarly when it
lacks the resource and competency to do its job. Our basic instinct for survival is so
strong that under adverse conditions, the body goes into overdrive, resulting in deficit
spending. As debit mounts and eclipses credit, we go under water.

When the fuel tank runs low, the body goes into hyper-activity mode, and begins to
overheat. The result is a kind of jagged energy which has a speediness quality, the person
is basically running on fumes. Not only is this unsustainable, it depletes the Kidney chi.
When this imbalance is ignored over a long period of time, it often becomes the root
cause of all chronic degenerative disease.

Ginseng supplies real chi and vigor by specifically targeting the Kidneys. It has the
function of stoking the fire which gives rise to passion, drive, and the fuel to a full life.
It is the spark plug we all need to ignite the power of the engine. See for yourself and
watch how your life goes VROOM VROOM!!!

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