“I’ve been a patient of Chris for several months and feeling an extreme positive benefit from my treatments. I’m especially a fan of the ginseng drinks! Great clean and steady energy boost without the negative ‘ caffeine ‘ type side effects. I CAN FEEL MY CHI BALANCING 🙂 “

– Geoffrey Young

“Chris Veiga has transformed my life. I was suffering from exhaustion and kept equating it to simply overdoing it with my exercise routine. Chris thought something else might be going on and sure enough my adrenals were not working properly…….I trust him beyond words…..”

– Tracy C.

“I’m way beyond grateful for Chris. He’s not only gifted in his work, he pays attention and deeply understands the body, mind, spirit connection when working with clients. He’s kind, he’s generous, and he’s completely committed to me being well. Chris is the real deal.”

– Clara C.