Operation CV-19: Herbal Anti-Viral Immunity

As America faces one of the gravest public health crisis in its history, the responsibility to curb contagion lies upon each individual. The practice of social-distancing is conditioned on the assumption that each and every person is a potential asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19. As Nigel McMillan, a professor of infectious diseases and immunology at Griffith University said, “Covid-19 clearly has a number of new features and one is the ability to be infectious in people without symptoms.”

As we wage our war against this pernicious exogenous pathogen, one of the most powerful preventative tools is the utilization of plant medicine, an herbal anti-viral immunity formula. Recently, the Chinese government published a list of anti-viral herbs used in its battle against Covid-19, essentially coming to the conclusion that coronavirus is a combination of malaria and pneumonia. Extrapolating from this list, I formulated Operation CV-19 Herbal Anti-viral Immunity. These are proven herbs to boost your immunity to prevent viral contraction in helping to combat this infectious disease. 

In a time when no vaccine exists, alternative use of an herbal anti-viral tonic is not only prudent but may prove to be efficacious towards our common aim of being contagion-free and not further contributing to this spreading disease. 

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