I once had a meditation teacher who introduced a technique which he called Packing Chi. Essentially, it’s utilizing deep breathing, harnessing vital energy and storing it in the area just below the abdomen. It was hugely restorative and rejuvenating. Because everyone has such busy lives now where there is no time to do formal sitting meditation, I thought how wonderful it would be to use a herbal beverage as a replacement to pack Chi.

GINSENG ELIXIR is a mini Chi-packing machine (Chi=life-sustaining vital energy). A herbal supplement beverage consisting of Panax Ginseng, red dates and water.


Each serving is carefully hand-crafted in a 8 ounce jar. In an age where consumers are saturated with sugary and caffeinated drinks, Ginseng Elixir provides an excellent alternative with its simple, wholesome and earthy flavor, bringing a home-brewed taste reminiscent of the goodness of nature.

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