Anti-Viral Fragrant Pouches

With COVID-19 spreading at a torrid pace, there’s got to be more preventive measures than washing hands with water and soap, and covering up when you sneeze and cough.

This Anti-viral Fragrant Pouch is an ancient remedy to the current Coronavirus crisis. Long before the advent of face masks, if an Eastern medicine doctor came into contact with a patient whom he/she suspected of carrying an infectious disease, he/she would smell this blend of aromatic herbs incessantly to ward off the evil chi, meaning to prevent contracting the virus.

Get pro-active with your viral prevention today! All you have to do is smell the pouch intermittently throughout the day. Your kids can use it at school while you can use it at work and in places of large gathering. And if you are getting on an airplane, that’s a no-brainer. Each bag is $15, good for 1 week.

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