Gut health is essential for a strong immune system and wellness in general. Coconut kefir is by far the best way to populate good bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract. This is the best pro-biotic available because you know that you are ingesting live lactobacillus and beneficial yeast. Here are the benefits and the way to do it.


  • Reduce sugar craving while killing yeast-overgrowth and Candida
  • Eliminate food & environmental allergies, particularly in young children
  • Hydrate the body with electrolytes. Also, a great source of potassium
  • Beautiful skin tone while getting rid of acne



  • One packet kefir starter. You can buy from me for $5
  • 3 tall cans coconut water without pulp
  • 2 one-liter mason jars, number them Jar 1 & Jar 2. You can buy at Container Store



  • Empty kefir starter into Jar 1
  • Add 3 cans of coconut water to fill to top
  • Close lid & shake well
  • Let Jar 1 sit in room temperature for 3-4 days to ferment
  • When kefir turns cloudy with a lighter color ( also with a sour taste ), it’s ready
  • Now put Jar 1 in the fridge to keep fresh
  • Drink 3/4 cup daily in morning. One jar should last 1 week
  • When Jar 1 is fermented, scoop out 1/2 cup and place in Jar 2. This acts as the kefir starter for Jar 2
  • Repeat same process as Jar 1. Add coconut water and wait 3-4 days
  • When you start running out in Jar 1, Jar 2 should be fermented
  • Be sure to leave about 1/2 cup remaining in Jar 1 before adding coconut water. This is the starter for your next batch
  • Continue rotating between the two jars


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